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As part of our work with clients, we recommend certain readings to expand your perspective. This allows you to speed up your therapy/counseling and learn new ways of looking at your situation. It also can give you ideas about strategies that will work in your life. We are always adding to this list, so please let us know books that yo have found useful.

Books can be obtained in our amazing Florida library system or ordered on line. For people interested in reduced prices, the website has a master listing of used books for sale.

Here is a current list of recommended readings:

Linda Sebastian, ARNP, Overcoming Postpartum Depression And Anxiety This hopeful book was written by our colleague, Linda, who has years of experience at Menninger Clinic working with women and their husbands experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety. In easily understandable language, she explains what it is, what resources help and how a family recovers. It is a masterful book in its simplicity and practicality. It is in it's 3rd edition.

David Burns, MD Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy This is a classic that talks about how our thinking creates our feelings. It outlines the basics of cognitive behavioral therapy. It identifies common thinking errors and introduces the "Daily Thought Record" to show people the steps to change their thinking. The thing to remember is that feelings are not reality. They are just feelings. They are part of reality, not the definition of reality. I find that when people understand this book and apply the strategies, hope begins to return. Ruminations give way to productive thinking.

John Gottman, PHD The Seven Principles that Make Marriage Work. Gottman has done extensive research on what makes marriages happy. He and his team have extrapolated 7 principles and created exercises and games for couples to play with each other.

Melody Beattie, Co-dependent No More. Another classic that introduces you to the concept of living your life for others such that you have nothing left. It talks about recovering your life and setting boundaries.

Melody Beattie, The Grief Club, The Secret to Getting Through All Kinds of Change. In this book Melody talks about the death of her teenage son and shares lessons learned. Each chapter in the book is about a different kind of loss. It is an easy read. She tells many stories of people she has met. She shares what worked for them and she includes many valuable resources. Each chapter has practical suggestions for self exploration related to the topic - a very simple, powerful and moving book.

Allison Bottke Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children: 6 steps to Hope And Healing For Struggling Parents

David Miklowitz, PhD The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, What You And Your Family Need To Know

David Schnarch, PhD Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive In Committed Relationships. Although this book is written by a sex and marital therapist and he speaks of having "wall socket sex", I see its value in its view of marriage. He says that every marriage will become gridlocked as marriage is a "people growing machine". He introduces the concepts of self soothing and differentiation. It is a very powerful book that has lessons for every relationship, even those between parent and child, friends, siblings. Its message is about holding on to you in relationship.

Laura Berman, PhD Loving Sex, The Book of Joy and Passion This is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful books. It has an amazing amount of factual information and very practical suggestions for couples. It is a large book that covers a variety of issues.

Michael Krychman,MD, Susan Kellogg Spadt PhD, CRNP, Sandra Finestone, PsyD 100 Questions and Answers About Breast Cancer Sensuality, Sexuality and Intimacy

Sally Kidd, PhD and Dana Rowett Intimacy After Cancer, A Woman's Guide This book is written by a breast cancer survivor, Sally Kidd, and a medical writer, Dana Rowett. It is immensely practical, hopeful and realistic.

Leslie Schover, PhD Sexuality and Fertility After Cancer This book is written by a treating therapist at the Cleveland clinic and covers issues for men and women who are living with cancer. She also deals effectively with the issue of fertility after cancer. It is research based, well written, very practical.

Randi Kreger and Paul Mason Stop Walking on Eggshells; Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder This is a classic. It explains borderline personality behaviors, identifies the felt experience of living with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder and gives practical strategies for controlling your own life. Very empowering. 

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