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A Group for Women

A Group for Men

Negative thinking and ruminating is part of the experience of depression for many people. This weekly, 90 minute group will support participants in recognizing how they limit and undermine themselves by how they think. We will use the book Feeling Good to identify common thinking errors and develop strategies to replace negative thinking with reality based thinking that creates new possibilities for each participant.

Group therapy is a form of counseling in which a small group of people come together under the guidance of a professional therapist, Peg Walsh, to help themselves and each other, Group therapy has been widely used and has been a standard and effective treatment option for over 50 years. In group, participants not only receive understanding, support and encouragement from others facing similar challenges but they gain different perspectives, ideas and viewpoints on their issues. The group will apply the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. We will also include ways of calming, relaxing and centering one's self. 

Being able to set boundaries and speak up for oneself is also important in overcoming depression. As needed, we will work on setting boundaries and using assertive communication.

Entry into the groups is based on an interview with Peg to assess if there is a good fit between the applicant and the group. 

Initial interview is $75 for clients already in the practice and $125 for clients not in the practice.

Group is $35/ session with an 8 week initial commitment. There after participants make monthly commitments.

There are two Women's Groups currently running. We will accept new members at the beginning of the month.

Wednesday 1:40 to 3:10

Wednesday 7 to 8:30. There is a free optional meditation at 6:30 before this evening group. Group size is usually between 6-8 participants.

If interested in any group, please call Peg Walsh directly on her cell 718 208 6986 for more information and to schedule an interview.

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